Don't Park Your RV on a Side Street

Don't Park Your RV on a Side Street

Keep your RV safe with East Valley Storage in the Moxee, Terrace Heights & Yakima, WA area

You love your roomy and convenient RV, but hate that you have to find somewhere to park it when you're not using it. If you leave it in your driveway, it'll ruin your curb appeal. Even if you do choose to park your RV outside of your home, how would you keep it safe?

East Valley Self Storage has the answer for you. In addition to traditional storage, we also offer RV storage for our clients in Moxee, WA. We'll protect your RV from the harsh elements and keep it stowed away from intruders. Get started when you call us today at 509-575-1200.

Thinking of buying an RV? We can store it

If you're thinking about buying an RV, one of the first questions to come to mind is probably, "But where are we going to put it?" Let East Valley Self Storage answer that question for you. Go ahead, buy that RV-and when you're ready to store it, call us at 509-575-1200.

RV Storage - $70