Feeling a Little Claustrophobic in Your Own Home?

Make space with East Valley Self Storage in Moxee & Yakima, WA

Is your home feeling a little cramped? You don’t have to move to a bigger house to make room for all of your stuff. Rent a month-to-month storage unit in the Yakima Area from East Valley Self Storage instead! We have over 370 units available! Call us today at 509-575-1200 to learn more.

Choose the right storage unit size for your individual needs

Some storage facilities force you to either cram your belongings in a closet or upgrade to a unit that’s as big as your living room. You shouldn’t have to settle for a unit that’s too big or too small. Choose East Valley Self Storage in the Yakima & Moxee, WA area and you can choose from a variety of sizes:

  • 5x10
  • 10x10
  • 10x15
  • 10x20
  • 10x25
  • 12x35

What size is best for you? If you need to eye it out, stop by our location in Moxee, WA today to take a gander.

Keep your RV out of harm’s way. Store it with East Valley

You bought an RV because you love the open road. You’re a road map Magellan and a rustic diner connoisseur. You cherish your RV like a four-wheeled child—so take care if it when it’s not in use! If you’re ready to store away your RV for a few months, take it to East Valley Self Storage in Moxee, WA.

Keep your RV out of harsh weather conditions—and out of the reach of vandalism. Prolong its life when you store it in a cool, dry unit at East Valley Self Storage. Call us today at 509-575-1200 to learn more.

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