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10x30- $185
RV Storage-$70

Feeling a Little Claustrophobic in Your Own Home?

Make space with East Valley Self Storage in the Moxee, Terrace Heights & Yakima, WA area

Is your home feeling a little cramped? You don't have to move to a bigger house to make room for all of your stuff. Rent a month-to-month storage unit in the Yakima Area from East Valley Self Storage instead! We have over 370 units available! Call us today at 509-575-1200 to learn more.

Choose the right storage unit size for your individual needs

Some storage facilities force you to either cram your belongings in a closet or upgrade to a unit that's as big as your living room. You shouldn't have to settle for a unit that's too big or too small. Choose East Valley Self Storage in the Yakima & Moxee, WA area and you can choose from a variety of sizes:



What size is best for you? If you need to eye it out, stop by our location in Moxee, WA today to take a gander.





Keep your RV out of harm's way. Store it with East Valley

You bought an RV because you love the open road. You're a road map Magellan and a rustic diner connoisseur. You cherish your RV like a four-wheeled child-so take care if it when it's not in use! If you're ready to store away your RV for a few months, take it to East Valley Self Storage in Moxee, WA.

Keep your RV out of harsh weather conditions-and out of the reach of vandalism. Prolong its life when you store it in a cool, dry unit at East Valley Self Storage. Call us today at 509-575-1200 to learn more.

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